Remuneration and Behaviour


Sales is a challenging and exciting area that requires skills, energy, commitment and plenty of motivation. SalesRehab understands the behavioural nature of sales people and helps clients understand this too.

Remuneration is a core element of any sales business and it’s directly linked to how motivated employees are to deliver, perform and exceed expectations. Remuneration helps drive behaviour, rewarding employees who perform well and incentivising them to keep delivering.

SalesRehab uses its consulting expertise and our in-depth experience of the sales environment to assist clients to find the optimal solutions for their business and their sales staff when it comes to rewards, recognition, remuneration and behaviour.

Every situation is different so we take a customised approach and tailor unique solutions for different clients. In every case though, we seek to help businesses drive the optimal behaviour they need from their sales employees. Part of being able to reward and remunerate appropriately requires a business to have actuarial-based assessments of staff, along with reliable and insightful statistics and metrics.

Our range of sales performance tools, technology, talent and skills assessments, training initiatives and consulting services combine powerfully, giving business leaders clear visibility and all the facts and figures needed to make an accurate assessment of who is performing well and who isn’t. Our services also determine how best to fix gaps in order to get sales working and to ensure that talented staff are being appropriately rewarded and developed.

In terms of remuneration and behaviour, we seek to promote the following:

  • Information about trends in remuneration, wage levels and salary packages for various levels of sales jobs
  • Market-related information and figures regarding sales remuneration
  • Behavioural trends in sales employees and sales executives
  • Innovative ways to assess and reward sales performance – financial and non-financial
  • Measuring employee satisfaction
  • Trends in commission structures and incentive schemes
  • Training, skills development, assessment and coaching to boost motivation, productivity and performance
  • Developments in reward and recognition programmes for sales professionals