Job Descriptions


When you begin the process of hiring new employees or advertising new posts to existing sales professionals, the job description sets the tone for the entire process. If you get it wrong, if you miss out important elements and if you aren’t 100% clear about your requirements and expectations, you set yourself up to attract and appoint the wrong candidates.

Many business organisations relegate the task of writing a job description to the wrong person or to someone in the wrong department – someone who doesn’t clearly understand what specific roles and responsibilities the successful candidate ideally needs to fulfil.

Also, because business trends have changed, the old way of doing things simply doesn’t work that well anymore. How you formulate a job description and where you place your job advertisement will determine who sees it – and this will influence the calibre of respondents you attract.

SalesRehab specialises in helping businesses recruit right, right from the start. We’ll help you be clear about who you need to hire and what they need to do. We’ll ask tough questions and push the boundaries to ensure that the true requirements are clearly formulated. We’ll consider a range of key factors, like skills, experience, remuneration, culture fit, productivity and performance.

We’ll also engage in creative ways and places to place job advertisements, like LinkedIn, using extensive business networks to ensure that the message gets out to the best possible audience, in order to attract the best possible candidates.

We will work with businesses to help them assess responses to ensure that applicants have the appropriate skills and capabilities needed, in line with those detailed in the job description. Ultimately we want businesses to attract outstanding talent who will perform at a high level regardless of the job level, being productive and being a valuable asset to the organisation.

With the right approach to job descriptions, assessing and hiring, SalesRehab helps you hire right, right from the start.