Talent Assessments


Whether you need to assess potential new hires or whether you want to assess your existing talent, SalesRehab has a proven approach to talent assessments. As skilled sales channel specialists and direct sales experts, we understand what skills are needed, from the most senior to the most junior member of the organisation. Our consulting and advisory expertise also means that we can quickly get to grips with your unique business environment to identify your specific needs when it comes to skilled sales professionals.

The Talent Audit System provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each sales person. We can use our approach to talent assessments to boost your chances of hiring right first time. With a clear understanding of what kind of expertise you need to attract, we can support a productive and successful recruitment process. We use facts, figures and an actuarial approach to profiling, with limited reliance on conventional personality profiling and more emphasis on true behavioural and productivity trends. We have tried and tested tools and a proven approach to identify strengths, weaknesses and serious problems very quickly, helping you avoid costly mistakes and close obvious gaps.

If you’re assessing existing talent, we can quickly highlight what gaps exist and whether an employee is a square peg in a round hole. As well as identifying shortcomings, we can recommend remedial action and develop customised training initiatives to fill any gaps. SalesRehab helps organisations make the most of talent assessments, using information and metrics to understand behaviour, productivity, success and failure. This ultimately means that any investment in training and human capital is targeted, focused and effective, ensuring a good return on investment.

Through skilled and expert talent assessments, we help our clients hire, train and promote individuals who have the correct DNA to make a success in their specific role. We align talent with necessary tasks to ensure the organisation’s targeted objectives can be achieved and we support enhanced productivity and optimal performance.