How to Assess Talent


SalesRehab specialises in assisting businesses to understand, attract, retain and develop talented individuals and talented teams. Especially in the sales environment, talent can translate into high performance, sales success and sales growth. Identifying potential as well as talent is also important as training can be used to unleash potential and develop talent, for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.

For example, a top-performing sales person may not necessarily be suitable in the role of a sales manager and may fail if he/she is promoted without first assessing his/her true talent. At SalesRehab, we are passionate about sales and passionate about talent and we help our clients merge these together in the best possible way.

We have developed specialist tools and technology to assess talent. But we don’t stop there. We take things further by assessing if a client has the right people doing the right jobs. Ultimately, by assessing new and existing talent and by assessing job roles and responsibilities, SalesRehab can help companies identify if there are serious mismatches and advise on how these can be fixed in order to get things right.

Along with talent management, skills assessments and job assessments, our customised approach to training and coaching can combine to derive the best possible outcome for any sales organisation.

If you don’t get people doing the right things, in line with their talents, abilities and goals, performance will dip, morale will dive and turnover will be negatively impacted. We help business leaders understand this concept so that they can be more effective in attracting, retaining and developing talented employees. We provide advice and insight into ways to use tools, technology, training and consulting to assess potential, unlock high performance and get the best out of people.

We help our clients get to grips with the reality that it’s not enough just to attract talent. It’s also important to place talented people in the right jobs and to keep developing them, setting them up for long-term success in the organisation. In other words, continuous Improvement