Hire Right First Time


It may sound simple but hiring the right person for the right job right from the start usually proves to be more difficult than anticipated. Hiring right first time is a major stumbling block for many sales organisations. And, if you get it wrong, hiring a misfit is a time-consuming mistake that makes bad hires a very costly mishap. More worrying is that the more senior the position, the more expensive this kind of mistake can be and the trickier it can be to try and fix.

SalesRehab has valuable skills to help businesses hire right first time. We can manage this process for you or assist you along the way to ensure that you tick all the right boxes, right from the outset. Whether you’re needing to hire a CEO, a Sales Director, a Sales Rep or a Sales Administrator, SalesRehab knows what’s needed from start to finish. When it comes to hiring right first time, SalesRehab can assist with the following:

  • Assessing how a potential new hire needs to add value to an existing team and what crucial skills they need to have
  • Formulating accurate job descriptions, with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Placing job adverts in the best places – across print and social media platforms
  • Screening applications and short-listing for interviews
  • Managing the interview process optimally
  • Filtering, scoring and assessing short-listed candidates
  • Actuarial profiling of individuals and detailed skills assessments
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses and future training requirements
  • Advice on how best to structure salaries, commission payments, performance incentives, reward programmes and recognition awards

In essence, SalesRehab can help you get things right first time, if we’re on board right from the start. If you’ve messed up and you think you may have hired the wrong person, SalesRehab can also step in and advise on how to correct the errors. If you’ve got good people, we’ll help you put measures in place to retain and reward them appropriately. If you’ve got it wrong, we’ll help you fix underperformance and skills gaps.