Why Factor Selling


We are big proponents of ‘WHY’ factor selling. We train businesses and sales people to get to grips with their ‘WHY’ factor and use it to wow customers and win sales. We know that when clients are clear on why people should do business with them, and why their product or service is worth selling, their sales are likely to fair far better.

By being clear on your ‘WHY’ factor enables sales professionals to stand out from the rest and move ahead of competitors.

Our sales training approach challenges sales people and sales managers to identify their ‘WHY’ factor and to find ways of building on it and promoting it more proactively. A good ‘WHY’ factor enables sales success, motivating sales people to pursue sales more aggressively, confident and motivated of their ability to deliver something meaningful and valuable, thanks to the ‘WHY’ factor they are able to offer.

Delivering better value to clients is also motivating, impacting positively on customer service and customer satisfaction.

When the ‘WHY’ factor is evident, sales processes, sales tools and sales technology need to support sales people to make them successful at sales. And, concurrently, sales people need good sales skills if they are to close leads, achieve targets and perform well. Our training solutions, along with other complementary services, support everyone in sales to operate with a clearer understanding of why they have something that’s really worth selling.

In essence, our ‘WHY’ approach to sales training is insightful, motivating and delivers proven results in terms of boosting sales and achieving sales targets.

Our ‘WHY’ factor approach is based on leading international research and sales trends. Made famous by Simon Sinek in his TED Talk, Sinek explains the simple but powerful ‘why’ model for inspirational leadership, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples of how the ‘why’ factor have helped position leading companies compete more effectively and become market leaders include the likes of Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright brothers.