Target Market Selling


Having a clear understanding of your target market is an essential element of successful sales. In dynamic markets where fast-changing events and shifting trends influence buyers and markets, your target market may constantly be fluctuating, growing or shrinking.

Training initiatives centred on target market selling help sales professionals remain on track in terms of their goals and on top of their sales game. With a clearly-defined target market, teams can stay up to date with fresh thinking and a powerful sales strategy that ensures accurate pricing, good decision-making and the ‘WHY’ factor, which clarifies why your target market should buy your products and services.

Exploring the ‘WHY’ factor helps to answer a range of important questions:

  • Who are our existing customers?
  • Who should buy our products and services?
  • What’s good and bad about our products and services?
  • What’s good and bad about our competitors’ products and services?
  • Is our pricing correct?
  • How are we targeting customers and what should we do to target our customers better?
  • Do we have the correct product mix for our target market?
  • What problems are we experiencing with our target market and what solutions are we presenting?
  • What does our competitor landscape look like?
  • What market sectors are we targeting and what new sectors should we target?
  • What does our target market think about our products and our service standards?
  • What new channels, like social media, could we use to connect more effectively with our target market?
  • What do current market trends suggest about future shifts in our target market?

Our training initiatives regarding workshops and skills development to establish, retain and grow target market selling are customised and tailored to your unique needs. This ensures that training initiatives are relevant, constructive and inspirational, helping to bed down sales strategies and support stronger sales growth.