Sales Enablement for Sales Management


Sales managers are uniquely empowered to drive sales growth. Experience tells us that if you can enable a sales manager to succeed, in turn you also enable his or her sales team to embrace success. SalesRehab has specific training and coaching interventions that can turn things around for sales managers. By empowering sales managers, we broaden their ability to influence others and lead well.

We use training and coaching opportunities with sales managers to help them achieve the following:

  • Grow their sales management and leadership abilities
  • Understand key sales metrics to adjust sales targets, sales tools and support services accordingly
  • Manage key performance indicators proactively
  • Build a strong team and foster a positive sales culture
  • Forecast accurately through enhanced visibility
  • Develop their own set of coaching skills to use every day, when opportunity strikes
  • Manage talent and manage performance in the sales team

Our sales training and enablement coaching initiatives for sales managers includes the following:

  • Advanced Sales Skills Training:
    • Whether it’s refreshing core sales skills or learning more about new and innovative sales processes, our sales skills training initiatives upskill all sales managers. We customise our training to ensure that the end-results are visible through an improved sales performance. With expert knowledge and insight, we can ensure that the sales processes, sales tools, sales opportunities and sales technology are used with maximum effect.
  • Sales Enablement:
    • This programme enables and empowers sales managers to secure sales more successfully
  • Getting In:
    • This course shows sales managers how to target the right decision makers and how to present the right sales pitch to the right people
  • Consultative Selling:
    • Relationships are an essential part of sales with sales people needing to build and grow long-term relationships with clients. By adopting a consultative approach, sales managers can develop good market insight, understand their market well and collaborate to ensure the best solutions are sold to clients to unlock value and cement professional relationships. We assess how and when this happens and support sales managers to ensure that consultative selling becomes part and parcel of their sales strategy.
  • Sales Management Training and coaching:
    • It’s important that sales executives and sales managers know all the ins and outs of selling. They need to know what new trends work and what old trends don’t. They also need to encourage sales people to learn, grow and flourish. Effective sales managers need to know how to identify and diagnose problems and they need to formulate strategies to deal with these issues fast. Our sales management training and coaching empowers sales executives to be proactive and strategic rather than playing a tactical catch-up game. Our management training and coaching inspires strong sales leaders who are able to energise their sales force and deliver the optimal sales performance.