LinkedIn & Lead Generation


In today’s world, sales people need to embrace new communication channels, like social media and the Internet. Trendsetters have long been using social media channels for sales networking, lead generation, target marketing and sales promotions. There are many social media options for businesses, including leading portals like LinkedIn.

SalesRehab introduces the concept of social media to generate sales leads, close deals, pursue new markets and tap into new opportunities. Our sales training courses highlight how best to do this and, as always, our courses are tailored to address the unique needs and opportunities of a client, ensuring that a customised course is presented to sales staff.

We explore the following kinds of concepts:

  • Discovering what social media channels are available and suitable
  • How to establish online relationships
  • How to develop professional networking groups online
  • How to promote your business and its products and services online
  • How to market job opportunities and sales promotions online
  • How to assess and research the competitive environment online
  • How to start conversations, initiate relationship and create sales leads
  • How to cement stronger relationships with existing clients
  • How to pinpoint key decision makers in a business using social media

Our Opening Doors Programme is a training initiative that helps sales people get to grips with social media in order to use it to drive sales higher. We teach sales people how to use social media to generate good leads, upsell and cross-sell. Importantly, we also teach sales people how to use social media for proactive research and target market insight. Effective use of social media also helps bridge the divide between sales and marketing, empowering sales people to use the ‘WHY’ factor to wow their audience and drive sales performance higher.