Customised Programmes


Because no two businesses are the same and because every organisation has its unique culture and group of employees, SalesRehab doesn’t go for the ‘one size fits all’ approach. All of our interactions with clients are tailored to suit their unique needs and customised to match their specific needs and requirements. Whether it’s a once-off training session or a long-term programme to upskill, grow and develop sales professionals, SalesRehab offers practical, useful and value-for-money training and coaching.

  • Sales Skills Training
    Whether it’s basic sales skills that are required or new and innovative sales processes that need to be understood, our sales skills training initiatives upskill all sales professionals. We customise our training to ensure that the end-results are visible through an improved sales performance. With expert knowledge and insight, we can ensure that the sales processes, sales tools, sales opportunities and sales technology are used with maximum effect.

  • Sales Training and Coaching
    Our sales training and coaching can be one-on-one coaching sessions or team workshops that focus on real customer scenarios, relevant working examples and tailored training initiatives. The aim is always to upskill trainees, to close gaps and to inspire all sales professionals to excel at sales.

  • Sales Training Workshops
    We facilitate sales training workshops that are productive, motivational and effective. With a tailored approach to content and practical examples that are real and relevant, we run workshops that ensure skills development and growth in knowledge about how to sell with success. We teach people how to identify and overcome their challenges and we provide useful insight on how to use technology and social media to get ahead in sales. Popular sales training workshop topics include the following: (but not limited to)

    • Strategic Sales Techniques:
      We teach sales people key skills to help them improve their selling ability and to make them great salespeople
    • One-on-one Sales Coaching:
      This helps individuals learn and grow their unique sales skills and close any gaps where upskilling is required
    • Real Customer Scenarios:
      We use real and relevant working examples to take sales teams through the sales process to see what they’re doing wrong and how to do things right
    • Getting In:
      How to target the right decision makers and how to present the right sales pitch to the right people