Training and Coaching


The world of business is dynamic and fast-changing and businesses that want to stay ahead of the pack need to ensure that their approach, services and people are also leading rather than lagging behind.

When it comes to sales, strategies that worked well in the past may no longer be effective and change is inevitable as well as desirable. But change is difficult and it’s often resisted, impacting successful sales. Nowadays, most people just don’t have time for cold calling, loose lead chasing and dull sales demos, so sales professionals need to deliver in new and innovative ways.

In today’s world, sales people need to embrace new communication channels, like social media and the Internet. They need to target decision makers and they need to engage and actively educate potential business customers about why their product or service is worth buying.  Sales processes need to be clear and effective, sales technology needs to support efficient selling and solid sales skills are essential for generating leads, closing deals and securing long-term sales growth.

Sales professionals need to be informed, organised and efficient, with skills that impress, persuade and deliver. Our sales training solutions upskill sales people, supporting and enabling them to improve their sales performance. We help sales people to grow and develop their skills, always knowing why their product or service is worth selling.

Our sales training and coaching identifies strengths and weaknesses, enabling sales people to grow their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Our training initiatives also help companies put optimal sales processes in place, backed by tools and technology that support sales forecasting, sales planning, sales force automation, visibility and ambitious targets.

We offer a variety of sales training initiatives, including the following:

  • Customised sales training workshops
  • One-on-one and group coaching sessions for sales professionals
  • Training and coaching for sales managers
  • ‘Why’ factor selling to wow customers
  • Using Social Media to win customers, close deals and network effectively
  • Motivational speakers at sales conferences
  • Educating and informing sales professionals