Using Tools & Technology to Fix Sales Planning


Many organizations do budgeting well, but few know how to transform a budget into a sales plan that can be proven, measured and managed.  We often take the budget, give it to the relevant responsible person and tell them go make it happen. The problem is in todays world increasing work rate, does not solve the problem and we end up falling short without knowing why. 60% of failure in sales lies in effective planning.  Sales planning is the process of setting targets using a model that ensures that we don’t overset targets for some and we don’t under set for others. No two sales people are the same, therefore no two sales people should necessarily have the same target. Sales planning should have two core elements in it 1. Risk planning – ensure the mix and allocation makes the budget possible) and 2. Productivity planning – ensure what has been set is physically possible.

If we implement a solution and or make changes to your current process, achieving transformation is key. We automatically provide enablement services (training & coaching) tailored to situation to ensure that your you achieve the maximum effect.

Technology and Tools: TSPI™ Sales planning tool and methodology

If you ae missing sales planning as a proven process in your business today, then talk to us about changing that and solving 60% of the sales success puzzle. Our area’s of expertise cover:

  • Sales planning methodologies for direct and channel sales using the TSPI™ Sales planning model – verify your ability to make your budget…
  • Sales Metric planning to determine the right metrics to measure for self-effectiveness – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
  • Sales enablement planning programme consisting of the TSPI™ planning tool and methodology, sales manager coaching and advisory services.