Using Target Market Selling to Drive Sales

Technology can be a standalone aspect of our services or, ideally, it can form part of a broader effort to fix sales problems and get sales right. Sometimes the challenge lies in a lack of focus. With expert insight and proven model for implementing Target market selling, we can assess your Sales strategy and help define and implement a target market selling strategy using our TSPI™ TMS tool and model.

Where this happens, we automatically provide enablement services (training & coaching) tailored to situation to ensure you achieve the maximum effect.

  • Technology and Tools: Target market selling

If you refocus your sales team and or your organization to ensure you are generating the right opportunity with the right target market then let us help you:

  • Refine and define your organisation target market using out TSPI™ organization TMS planning workshops and tools
  • Implement TMS as a planning and upskilling model within your Sakes team using the TSPI™ TMS Training and coaching programme and tools.
  • Assessment and advisory services regarding Target Market selling