Using Talent Assessments and Profiling to Drive Sales


Whether you need to assess potential new hires or whether you want to assess and profile your existing talent, SalesRehab has a proven approach to talent assessments. As skilled sales channel specialists and direct sales experts, we understand what skills are needed for various sales roles, from the most senior to the most junior member of the sales division. Our talent assessment and profiling tools means that we can quickly get to grips with your unique business environment to identify the various levels of talent already within your sales organisation and the gaps in talent and skills that are missing or problematic. We can also accurately assess potential new hires using tailored talent assessment and profiling technology. This checks their suitability to do the job they are required to do and assesses their inherent suitability for the roles and responsibilities on which they need to deliver.

Our talent assessments tools and technology boost your chances of hiring right first time. With a clear understanding of what kind of expertise you need to attract, we apply actuarial-based profiling tools that eliminate emotion and focus on real skills and capabilities. In this way, our talent assessment and profiling tools support a productive and successful recruitment process. Our talent assessment and profiling tools incorporates facts and figures, with limited reliance on conventional personality profiling and more emphasis on true behavioural and productivity trends. Our tried and tested talent assessment tools and profiling technology are a proven approach to identify strengths, weaknesses and serious problems very quickly, helping you avoid costly mistakes and close obvious gaps.

If you’re assessing existing talent, our tools and technology will rapidly highlight any shortcomings. As well as identifying potential problems, we can recommend remedial action and develop customised training initiatives to fill these gaps. Where required, training initiatives are highly complementary to tools and technology solutions, working hand in hand to deliver value.

SalesRehab ensures that talent assessment and profiling efforts are targeted, focused and effective. This ensures a good return on the investment in the tools and technology, as well as the people being assessed or profiled.