Using Social Media Tools to Drive Sales

Social media is a powerful avenue for sales organisations. Technology is fast-changing, convenient and dynamic, offering instant access to a global arena. Our training and coaching programmes enable companies to take advantage of sales-related opportunities using social media channels like LinkedIn and Slideshare to maximise opportunity generation.

Our customised approach will ensure that we assess your existing tools, technology and sales strategies and advise you on ways to integrate these with relevant social media tools. Alternatively, with a fresh approach, our consulting services can guide you to set up new and optimal sales technology, sales support systems, CRM systems and sales tools that incorporate elements of social media services.

Social media benefits can be used with maximum effect to enhance sales planning, sales strategies, target marketing, targeted recruitment and untapped markets. Social media tools can work hand in hand as complementary add-ons to existing sales technology and can also be tailored to fit previous technology investment. Channels where the benefits of social media exposure and activity include the following sales tools:

  • Lead generation using LinkedIn through our Opening doors training and coaching programme incorporating the 4 pillars of the sales engine being
    • Sales Managers – the coaches
    • Sales people – the doers
    • Executives – the hidden potential networks
    • Marketing – the awareness creators
  • Implementing target market selling using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Network referral selling using LinkedIn and Slideshare

As well as providing insight into how social media tools and technology can help grow sales, customised training is delivered to ensure the best use and return on the technology investment. Specialist offerings, such as our Opening Doors Programme, focus specifically on helping sales professionals get to grips with social media in order to use it to drive sales higher and enjoy greater success in sales.

Through tools, technology, training, advisory and consulting services, sales people can use social media to generate good leads, upsell and cross-sell. Importantly, by getting to grips with the unique advantages of leading social media channels, sales people are equipped to use social media advantageously for things like proactive target market research, competitor analysis, sales trends and market insight.