Sales Qualification Methodologies


Key decision makers often ask, how do I get good information out of my CRM or Sales force automation system. The output is only as good as the input. Without a qualification process the information going into the system is based on a person emption and or opinion and not a rational qualification process that will ensure the outputs across multiple opportunities and can compared and rationalised to provide valuable insight.  At SalesRehab with a standalone qualification process and model called the TSPI™ Sales qualification process that can help improve the quality of the simple sale being an order right up to the complex enterprise sale. We can handle and implement sales models in both direct and channel selling environments and as we own the rights to the IP we are able to tailor terminology to situation to help ease adoption and understanding. The second value proposition of implementing a Sales qualification process is called “common language”. How do your under performers learn from your top performers. How does your management have a sales discussion with sales people? How do we all talk to the same language without a history lesson in every opportunity? The answer is we implement a common language in the form of a Sales qualification process.

Where this happens, we automatically provide enablement services (training & coaching) tailored to situation to ensure you achieve the maximum effect.

  • Technology and Tools: Sales qualification process
  • If you need help with implementing a sales qualification process with or without technology then talk to us about:

    • The TSPI™ Sales qualification process for Transaction selling, solution selling and Enterprise selling
    • Sales qualification process training and coaching
    • The TSPI™ Sales qualification process for BID or Tender sales process for managing tenders in a centralized model.
    • Advisory and consulting services to inform you about what suitable tools and technology exist to serve your unique needs
    • Sales Management Enablement tools and programmes