Sales Planning Tools & Methodology


It is often the simple parts that have the largest impact. We’ll tell you what type of technology will best meet your need without over complicating it. If you have existing technology we are able to advise on what it can or can’t deliver to enable your success in sales. Building sustainable sales is like a Formula 1 engine – every part of the engine needs to work correctly to maximise the potential. Our goal is to get technology to enable you to unlock value and make sales work

Technology can be a standalone aspect of our services or, ideally, it can form part of a broader effort to fix sales problems and get sales right. With expert insight and a solid knowledge of leading global and local sales planning, forecasting, opportunity management tools and technology, we can assess your existing sales planning and opportunity management systems, to help you understand how and where to make improvements to maximise your investment.  We see technology as the means to enable, but not as the core. If a process has not matured adding technology will merely make the situation worse and this is where we can help. We have our own tools and we are agnostic, so we can provide advice on what tools and technology based in the maturity of your sales operation.

If we implement a solution and or make changes to your current solution, achieve transformation is key. We automatically provide enablement services (training & coaching) tailored to situation to ensure that your investment in sales technology is optimal and that your sales teams use the technology available to maximum effect.

  • Technology and Tools: Maximises your already made investment in Sales Force Automation tools

    If you have a current Sales tools to manage your sales opportunities, but are not seeing the results in your sales growth, then talk to us. We are able to assist with proving insight and advice together with best practice models and methodologies to maximise your investment. We will also help you manage expectations in terms of what you can and cannot achieve with your technology. Our area’s of expertise cover:

    • Sales planning methodologies for direct and channel sales using the TSPI™ Sales planning model – verify your ability to make your budget…
    • Opportunity qualification and forecasting using the TSPI™ Sales qualification process – 70% of the average pipeline is rubbish….change that today and get a real view of the true pipeline
    • How to achieve visibility that empowers – know what to do today to affect the future with absolute clarity and without having to liaise with every person and every opportunity one on one – Sales is like an engine… all parts working together make the difference… provide visibility that empowers on all levels, the sales person the sales manager, the executive.
    • Product agnostic advisory services, to assess the effectiveness of existing technology
    • Advisory and consulting services to inform you about what suitable tools and technology exist to serve your unique needs
    • Sales Management Enablement tools and programmes to assist with transforming your sales management from tactical (reactive) to strategic (empowered and proactive)


  • Technology and Tools: SalesRehab Planning and opportunity management tools: GoGetter

    Our GoGetter programme is more than a tool. It is designed for the organization wanting to improve sales effectiveness in an accelerated model without having to have multiple providers. It is a packaged programme consisting of tools, methodologies, training and coaching designed to transform your sales engine for maximum potential. Within the programme we have the Go Getter planning tool that follows the TSPI™ Planning methodology focused on a best practice approach to planning. Why is this important? 60% of the failure in sales is as a direct result of poor planning. Fixing this is a key in most organizations. A budget is not a sales plan.  The second tool in the GO Getter programme is the Go Getter opportunity and forecasting tools that follows the TSPI™ Sales Methodology for opportunity qualification and common language. The Go Getter tools are our entry level tools and are simple to use with very low administration. The Go Getter programme can be seen as a best practiced tool box to enable and empower Sales Managers with the following:

    • Planning and defining the right Target’s and performance metrics
    • Sales opportunity tracking, qualification and forecasting – achieve an 85% plus future view of your business today….
    • Training and coaching on best practice sales management
    • Training and coaching on selling using the TSPI™ Sales qualification prcoess
    • Visibility reporting – forecast against target with a view by person. By team, by business unit, by region
    • Hosted in the Cloud on a platform that can operate offline as well, so there is never a problem with access


  • Technology and Tools: SalesRehab Planning and opportunity management tools: SalesTracker™

    Our SalesTracker™  tool is Rolls Royce in sales force automation and is designed for the mature sales organization wanting to improve Sales efficiency . Using world-class technology, it has pre-configured settings to ensure quick and trouble-free adoption to enhance sales planning, forecasting and sales qualification:

    • Complex sales planning (budgets, targets, people)
    • Effective multi-dimensional sales forecasting
    • Sales opportunity management and qualification using the TSPI™ sales process
    • Easy management of client contacts and customer information
    • Integrates with LinkedIn for optimal business networking
    • Data visibility and measurement capability (close ratio, average deal size, activity tracking, etc.)
    • Sales effectiveness measurement
    • Sales Management insight and metrics