Lead Management


Generating leads, expending time and energy on quality leads and managing leads well is a critical aspect of successful sales. Sales lead generation and lead management is a process rather than a standalone project. Effective lead management requires careful planning, efficient sales processes and well-run sales systems to close deals and secure sales. Good lead management also boosts your sales force’s productivity and efficiency, which can be highly motivational for sales professionals.

Our consulting and advisory services assist clients with successful lead management. We’ll help you identify the optimal target market, assist you to tap into existing markets, equip you with lead generation tools and technology and train your sales people to use these with maximum effect.

Contact us to find out more about our lead management consulting, sales advisory and analytical services, which include the following:

  • How to generate the right lead
  • How to implement optimal lead response management processes and tools
  • Lead effectiveness advisory services
  • Lead management advisory services

Other consulting services that we offer include sales gap analysis, channel programmes / models, advisory on sales tools and technology, sales qualification processes, reward and remuneration structures, go to market strategies, ‘why’ factor selling and sales management advisory expertise.