Channel Programmes and Models


Using a channel to scale sales is a great solution but it brings along its own set of challenges. We understand the complexity and requirements needed to make a channel effective. We also appreciate that a sales channel programme needs to help teams manage a particular channel’s effectiveness and to clarify which partners will drive growth and which won’t.

We can assist with an overall assessment of your sales channel programme and model. We’re also able to provide consulting and sales advisory insight to help you understand what’s required for enhanced sales performance that is both achievable and sustainable.

Contact us to find out more about our consulting services regarding sales channel programmes and model consulting, which include the following:

  • Channel GAP analysis:
    • Analysis of your current channel programme and model
    • Analysis of the channel gaps that are currently limiting your sales success
  • Advisory services to design and develop an effective channel programme
  • Advisory services to design and develop and your optimal channel model
  • Analysis of your company’s ‘Why’ factor and rollout of a ‘Why’ factor programme into your channel

Other consulting services that we offer include sales gap analysis, lead management, advisory on sales tools and technology, sales qualification processes, reward and remuneration structures, go to market strategies, ‘why’ factor selling and sales management advisory expertise.