Analysis of Your Company’s ‘WHY’ Factor

We are big proponents of ‘why’ factor selling. We analyse businesses to identify their ‘why’ factor and help them use and develop this to differentiate themselves from competitors in order to grow sales. We know that when clients are clear on why people should do business with them and why their product or services are worth selling, they are likely to retain existing customers and win new business.

Our ‘why’ factor consulting and advisory services assist clients to stand out within their industry and move ahead of competitors. As well as assessing your ‘why’ factor, we’ll advise sales managers and sales professionals on how best to incorporate the ‘why’ factor in order to wow customers. We will also advise you on whether your sales processes, sales tools and sales technology are complementary and supportive of your ‘why’ potential.

Our ‘why’ consulting and advisory services are insightful and motivating, aimed at empowering your business to pursue sales more successfully.

Contact us to find out more about our consulting services regarding your ‘why’ factor, which include the following:

  • Assessment and advisory services regarding your ‘why’ factor
  • Consulting on your advantages, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the competitor landscape
  • Consulting on your quality, pricing and product range
  • Advice on your value-added offerings and prospects
  • Analysis of your market leadership potential
  • Advice on market gaps and new market opportunities
  • Advice on how best to utilise your ‘why’ factor

Other consulting services that we offer include sales gap analysis, lead management, channel programmes / models, advisory on sales tools and technology, sales qualification processes, reward and remuneration structures, go to market strategies, ‘why’ factor selling and sales management advisory expertise.