Advisory on Sales Tools and Technology


As a specialist provider, we can both advise on and provide customised sales tools and technology. SalesRehab offers valuable and insightful consulting and sales advisory services. We are technology agnostic and see technology as an enabler when chosen and implemented correctly. We can help you to understand the value and benefits of your existing sales tools and technology and advise you on ‘what’s out there’ and what would cater optimally for your unique needs and your budget.

Along with consulting and sales advisory services concerning sales tools and technology, we licence our methodologies for use in sales tools where applicable.  Whatever your need or choice, we can share expert insight and a solid knowledge of sales tools and technology with you. Our consulting and sales advisory services concerning sales tools and technology will enhance your sales processes and ensure that you have the right visibility in order to grow sales.

Contact us to find out more about our consulting services regarding sales tools and technology, which include the following:

  • Sales planning methodologies, tools and advisory services
  • Sales and opportunity forecasting tools, methodologies and technologies
  • Sales qualification processes and methodologies
  • Sales forecasting

Other consulting services that we offer include sales gap analysis, lead management, channel programmes and models, sales qualification processes, reward and remuneration structures, go to market strategies, ‘why’ factor selling and sales management advisory expertise.