Sales Consulting


We use our business skills and sales insight to assess your business with a sales view. We’ll pinpoint your problems, identify your challenges and show you exactly where the roots of your difficulties lie. Our assessments provide facts and figures, so there is neither guesswork, nor nasty surprises in store. Our consulting services take things a step further by formulating optimal solutions to fix problematic areas and get sales going.

We can help you with understanding how to solve your sales challenges. We will work with you fix them and we will ensure sales performance that’s achievable and sustainable. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and find out more about our consulting, sales advisory and analytical services, which include the following:

  • Sales GAP Analysis:
    • In-depth analysis of the key pillars of your business, namely strategy, structure, process and rewards, with a three-year financial review to validate the findings
    • Our proven QuickCheck Programme, which analyses your sales landscape to identify gaps, limitations and opportunities
    • Our Extender add-on programme, which customises information in line with your unique needs in terms of channel modelling, customer and/or partner insight and lead testing
  • Lead management advisory services to ensure that you maximise your lead potential
    • How to generate the right lead
    • How to implement optimal lead response management processes and tools
    • Lead effectiveness and lead management advisory services
  • Channel programmes and models for maximising your channel sales eco system
    • Channel GAP analysis to assess your current channel programme and model
    • Advisory services to design and develop an effective channel programme
    • Advisory services to design and develop and your optimal channel model
    • Analysis of your company’s ‘Why’ factor and rollout of a ‘Why’ factor programme into your channel
  • Advisory on sales tools and technologies to enable and empower you with insight
    • Sales planning methodologies, tools and advisory services
    • Sales and opportunity forecasting tools, methodologies and technologies
    • Sales qualification processes and methodologies
    • Sales forecasting
  • Sales qualification processes, from simple order taking to enterprise selling
    • Guidance on ways to make informed sales management decisions and ways to change your sales processes to spur growth
  • Design and development of remuneration packages to drive the right focus and the best behaviour
    • Innovative ways to assess, recognise and reward sales performance
    • Design and creation of commission structures and incentive schemes
    • Training, skills development, assessment and coaching to boost motivation, productivity and performance
  • Go to Market strategies to ensure you maximise your potential
    • Models, tactics, product management and value proposition
    • Marketing, branding, segmentation, distribution and customer feedback
  • Analysis of your company’s ‘Why’ factor
    • Advice on ways to foster a competitive advantage
    • How to use your ‘Why’ factor to wow customers