SalesRehab – Talent Audit

The Talent Audit is a powerful tool that provides businesses with a competency inventory by individual, team or the entire organization.

It allows managers to preview their talent base across key competencies and specific profiles and provides insight into:

– Who has potential to do what;
– Where there are strengths and developmental opportunities, and
– Who can make the transition to a management role.

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How To Fix Your Sales Management And Fix Sales

Why focus on fixing your sales management?

As a business executive, you are very much aware of the importance of sales in the overall success of the business. Therefore, you are naturally conditioned to view a sales division that is constantly missing its targets with a lot of concern....
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What is the Right Sales Profile for Your Business

Businesses do not typically profile sales people when hiring. Instead, they focus solely on the CV. While a CV tells you about a person’s past achievements, it is not a very effective tool for predicting a person’s future success. Furthermore, businesses do not assess the true strengths...
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Why Psychometric Testing Doesn’t Work in Sales

Hiring right is imperative for business, as not doing so is indisputably costly. In order to determine which candidate is likely to succeed in a given sales role, many organisations employ psychometric tests. Although such testing has been in use for over half a century (Cappelli, 2007),...
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The Cost of Hiring Wrong in Sales

Sales staff turnover is astoundingly costly for business, not only in terms of revenue. Despite this, wrong hires are more common than you might think. In fact, Chally estimates that only 20% of sales hires in the last two years were successful. On a managerial level, sales organisations...
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7 big sales hiring mistakes to avoid

Hiring the right salesperson and/or sales manager is a fundamental step in conducting business successfully. Without the right salespeople and/or sales managers, an organisation would not be able to effectively maximise sales efficiency and achieve its goals. Having said that, there are basic, yet critical, mistakes that either...
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How to hire the right sales person first time round

SalesPeoplescaled Recruitment is not an easy process. In fact, businesses often struggle to find the right sales person for their company. Hiring the right sales person or person’s saves on our most valuable resources, time and money. Despite this, the recruitment process most commonly employed by companies is actually...
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