What we do


We work with key decision makers in businesses to drive sales and promote sales success. We are passionate about sales and always aim to establish long-term relationships with clients to tackle sales problems, to correct sales processes, to implement sales support systems and to upskill sales people. We strive to be indispensable to clients by continuously finding ways of improving their sales performance, consistently boosting their leadership and by always working with them to keep their businesses growing and thriving.

By attracting, retaining and upskilling high-performing sales teams and by supporting sales staff to achieve ambitious sales targets, we assist companies to secure sales leads, close more deals and generate more sales. With strategic insight, objective analysis and comprehensive checks and assessments, we provide clear business visibility when it comes to sales figures and forecasts. This means that gaps are exposed, weaknesses are evident, change is managed and success is enabled.

We use sales-related technology, CRM tools, business acumen and sales expertise to drive sales growth. When we take on a new client, we identify exactly what’s wrong with their sales and we advise precisely what needs to be done to make changes and shift trends. We work with clear metrics and facts so that there’s no guesswork. We’re also happy to have hard conversations to change behaviour, act strategically and close the gaps.

We fix sales management and sales teams. We fix sales training. We fix sales strategies and processes. We fix sales tools and technology. We fix sales!

We make sales work by providing the following services:

  • Talent Management
  • Sales Training, Skills Development and Coaching
  • Consulting and Advisory services
  • Technology, Systems and Support

We encourage our clients to get their salesforce in order so that they are clear about why they do what they do, why they sell what they sell and why their clients should do business with them. We do what we do so that our clients deliver well on their ‘Why’ Factor, laying foundations for everything else to fall into place.