How to hire the right sales person first time round

How to hire the right sales person first time round


Recruitment is not an easy process. In fact, businesses often struggle to find the right sales person for their company. Hiring the right sales person or person’s saves on our most valuable resources, time and money. Despite this, the recruitment process most commonly employed by companies is actually quite flawed, such that often the wrong sales person gets hired and the company only truly knows this 3 to 6 months in.

When organisations need to fill a sales position, most will adopt a recruitment process which will often start with the creation of a job description. The issue is that such descriptions tend to be either too vague or often wrong. Do you know what type of sales person is right for the Sales role in your organization? Companies often do not realise that there are different types of sales roles and not just hunters or farmers. In fact there are upwards of 15+ different sales roles.  For example the Job description for Sales Person 1 in company ABC might require the ability to adapt to different buying behaviour, whereas for Sales Person 2 in company DEF might require strong presentation skills. Company ABC might sell a complex solution and Company DEF may sell product’s.  Most often all recruiters test is (1) How the person came across in the interview and (2) What their experience is.

With a vague or broad job description and given the current state of the market, which is desperate and saturated, everyone (and their uncle) applies for the job, especially if the job spec is ambiguous. In other words, the wrong people apply for the job. This normally leads to a high volume of low quality applications, which all need to be checked. Often, businesses do not have the capacity to go through all of the applications they receive themselves. To combat this issue, some organisations opt for the use of a recruitment agency. However how often does the recruitment agency advise on what is the right job description suited for the type of person you need?

Unfortunately, recruitment agencies are generalists who follow an admin process. This means that they are often more concerned with getting as many CVs in front of you as possible, than finding the right sales person for your company. In many cases, it isn’t even the recruiter who sifts through the many CVs you receive (sometimes up to 500 for one job), but rather, an admin person. This person may not have the necessary skills to find the right CV, meaning that a perfect candidate may be overlooked. Moreover, recruitment agencies often screen responses electronically before even looking at them manually. Again, this can lead to a perfect candidate being overlooked or excluded. For instance, a candidate’s CV might be electronically screened based on his/her area of habitation, meaning that he/she could be excluded based solely on his/her home’s location, with no appreciation for the fact that he/she might be willing to move for this particular job.

Selecting and employing the right candidate for a job might just be the single most important part of a venture. Why? Because hiring the right person ensures that the individual in question is capable and able to effectively carry out the company’s specific objectives.

So, how do we avoid making these mistakes? Click here to download the “5 steps to hiring the right salesperson” eBook –  a step by step guide to hiring the right sales person for your company.

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