Sales managers


Sales is the golden goose of any business and sales managers need to nurture it well so that they can deliver ongoing growth and function at an optimal level. Sales Managers are responsible for the inner workings of the sales division which encompasses sales processes, tools and technology used to support sales, skills levels within the sales team, training requirements and the ability to deliver on the overall sales strategy.

SalesRehab helps sales managers to succeed in sales by providing a clear picture of performance, targets, skills and productivity. With our insight and intervention, sales managers are equipped to optimise sales operations, pushing for higher quality sales, faster sales cycles, greater efficiencies in sales processes, improved customer service and a more effective sales channel.

When needed, we help sales managers prepare for effective sales conversations. This may involve making changes to roles and responsibilities and introducing tools and automation technology to free up sales people to do what they are meant to do – sell! Eliminating wasted tasks and wasted time means sales managers can reduce unnecessary costs, freeing up resources and maximising market share within months.

Efficiencies and effectiveness are both core requirements of enhanced sales growth and SalesRehab puts measures in place to help sales managers achieve success in both these areas. Sometimes simplified processes are needed to make sales more responsive and sometimes complex changes have to be embraced. We’ll show sales managers which one applies to their sales experience.

A key element of our support is helping sales managers get a clear handle on ‘Why’ factor selling. When they know why they have something worth selling, sales managers can push their sales teams to boost their win rate. Sales managers also need to keep sales high on the agenda of the company’s priorities, from CEO level to back-office support. A robust sales strategy will provide the business with insight into future trends and enable sales managers to secure the support they need from within the business in areas like executive management, marketing, IT, HR and administration.

When sales managers get their teams working more effectively and when they are constantly identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities for other areas of the business, they provide value and win all round support. We show sales managers how to do this and how to do it well.

We take sales managers on exciting journeys to unlock potential and deliver at a much higher level.