Executive managers are responsible for a variety of business areas and need to keep their fingers on the pulse at all times to ensure sustainable growth. Astute management and bold leadership is becoming increasingly valuable amid economic downturns and heightened global competition. When it comes to sales figures, sales team performance, strategic efficiencies, future trends and new opportunities, SalesRehab helps business executives have a very clear picture of what’s going on and what needs to happen to keep moving forward.

We empower executives by putting accurate metrics and forecasts at their fingertips. Our advisory, consulting, skills assessments and tools highlight weak-spots, indicating without doubt what decisions need to be made and what action should be taken. We eliminate the need for guesswork, putting facts and figures on the table to open up daring possibilities.

Whether it’s some sales training or major restructuring that’s needed, SalesRehab has the skills and insight to steer executives in the right direction, especially when economic pressure requires sales to operate as a viable growth engine.

We help executives place effective sales management high on the agenda, enhancing performance, optimising revenue and building profitability.  We do this by presenting a solid set of analytics to measure results, boost delivery, spot trends and track new growth opportunities.

Our intervention also provides valuable feedback data that can be used to determine training priorities. Because it’s cheaper to train existing staff rather than hire new people, our skills assessments will help executives evaluate this return on investment, from a financial and a human capital point of view. If staff are unlikely to perform better even with tailored training, we initiate hard conversations to evaluate whether or not a business has the wrong people doing the wrong things.

With broad-ranging business experience and specialist skills and insight when it comes to all aspects of sales, SalesRehab offers meaningful support to business executives looking for new growth opportunities in existing or untapped markets. From budgets to performance and ground-breaking deals, we can move businesses forward to find growth hotspots and secure future success.

Our specialist sales skills include sales training, sales advisory and consulting, sales recruitment / talent management and sales tools and technology.