In a tough global business climate, CEOs need to ensure that their sales organisation is as efficient and as effective as possible. Likewise, a CEO also needs to be efficient and effective in his/her leadership role. At SalesRehab, one of our key focus areas is supporting CEOs to maximise these factors, while also pushing for better processes, improved selling skills, higher productivity and better decision making.

We use facts, figures and a detailed audit to present a clear picture to show CEOs what’s working well – and what isn’t. Visibility, insight and advice help guide CEOs, helping them to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

An independent and objective sales audit assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s sales strategy, its sales processes, the skills and roles within the sales division and the tools available to support sales teams. We also assess factors like communication, service standards, vision, technology benefits, talent management, remuneration and cross-selling opportunities. The advantage of working directly with a CEO is our ability to move with speed and agility to implement change, taking advantage of the CEOs decision-making authority to avoid excuses and unnecessary delays.

By pinpointing what’s wrong with the current sales approach, CEOs can begin getting to grips with what kind of changes are needed, either to turn things around, or to ensure enhanced and sustainable sales growth. SalesRehab provides astute and valuable insight. We have the experience and the executive management skills needed to operate with CEOs at their senior level. The more complex the problem, the more value we add, having tough conversations that strike at the root problems, even if those include the CEO’s approach and sales aptitude.

We can add value through the following sales functions:

  • Sales training and coaching
  • Sales advisory and consulting
  • Sales recruitment advisory and talent management
  • Sales tools and technology