Chief sales officers


Chief sales officers usually have a lot on their plate and need to work smart to deliver on their business mandate. Sales organisations can’t drive growth without having a clear strategy in place that’s built on a solid understanding of facts, figures, forecasts and future trends. A chief sales officer needs big picture visibility while also understanding the nuts and bolts details that hold the sales division together.

SalesRehab supports chief sales officers through consulting, assessments, advisory services, skills training and the provision of tailored tools and sales technology. In short, we equip chief sales officers with powerful and reliable sales intelligence.

This helps them to raise the sales division’s profile within the company, crediting top sales performers where due, motivating strong delivery from sales teams and ensuring that sales professionals have the skills and tools they need to win at sales.

We also assist chief sales officers to have hard conversations with decision makers and sales professionals, to foster a collaborative and strategic approach. This puts them ahead with important things like new sales targets, new product development, new marketing campaigns, technology investment, human capital recruitment, sales training and customer satisfaction levels.

Our consulting, advisory, skills assessment and technology reviews help chief sales officers to understand problems that are ailing the sales organisation. We take things a step further by supporting chief sales officers to introduce the right remedial action, be this training, new tools, new processes or new talent. Accurate sales audits enable sales officers to push up productivity, drive sales growth, streamline sales processes and use the best technology possible.

By supporting chief sales officers to get things right, SalesRehab helps them fix problems and set the sales division up for success. It also helps them identify top achievers and top talent, enabling them to ensure growth and success in a team of sales professionals who are supported, motivated and driven to perform well in their respective sales functions.