We help businesses attract and retain high performers, getting the right people doing the right things.


We assess sales people to identify their real abilities and provide training interventions for upskilling.


We assess your figures, your processes and your teams to see what’s wrong and how to fix it.


We’ll tell you what you’ve got and what you need in terms of optimal systems, tools and technology.

Breathing new life into your sales organisation

SalesRehab provides services and solutions that drive sales performance and ensure sales success. We partner with clients for long-term growth and help them move ahead with clarity, confidence, optimal systems and skilled sales engines. We work with key decision makers to chart the way forward using proven metrics, heightened visibility and agile processes. We believe in creating customers for life by enabling and empowering sales through visibility.
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Talent Management Ensures You Maximise People’s Potential

We help businesses identify the right DNA needed to develop high performers in their business. We assist you to fix your existing staff complement and get your teams optimally matched and highly motivated. We also help businesses hire right, right from the start, attracting the top candidates, appointing the right people with the ideal set of skills. We also assist by advising companies how best to incentivise and remunerate sales people to motivate them and deliver strong growth.
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Talent Management
Sales Training

Upskill Your Sales Team with Sales Training and Coaching

We assess sales people to identify their real abilities and provide training and coaching programms for upskilling. We make any problems visible and we come up with solutions to fix things that aren’t working. We also provide tailored training to fill gaps, drive motivation and change behaviour. Our training and coaching services will help your sales team advance and develop.
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Who Do We Help?

We work with key decision makers in business so that they can feel empowered and equipped to lead with action, skill and insight. We partner with CEOs, Executive, Sales Directors, Chief Sales Officers and Sales Managers and we aim to foster long-term working relationships. We have proven expertise in sales, along with extensive experience in management, systems and training. Our people operate with excellence and confidence, backed by solid skills. We are always on track with global trends and always growing our specialist knowledge and industry insight.
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SalesRehab Consulting Advice with a difference

If your sales figures aren’t what they should be, you’ve probably got the wrong people using the wrong tools and doing the wrong things. Our consulting services and advisory insight will identify your weak-spots, make it clear what needs to change, and help you do what’s needed to turn things around.
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Sales Rehab Consulting
Tools and Technology

Tools & Technology that make Sales work

We see technology as an enabler. For this reason we are agnostic in choice. We have tools we can provide and we can advise you if your existing technology can or can’t meet your needs.We are able to advise what is needed to unlock value and make your sales systems work. To us VISIBILITY to enable and empower sales success is EVERYTHING.
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